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Institute Council

Institute Council

Institute Council

The Institute Council consists of the following members:
Position Name
PresidentMr. Michael Jarrad F.I.P.A.
Western Australia:Mr. Andrew Okines M.I.P.A.
Queensland:Mr Neil Creek L.M.I.P.A.
New South Wales:Mr. Rhys Edwards F.I.P.A.
Victoria:Mr. Robert Quick F.I.P.A.
Tasmania:Mrs. Petra Wouters-Stienen (contact)
South Australia:Mr. Derek Harris F.I.P.A.
Institute Secretary:Mrs. Petra Wouters-Stienen
Institute Standards Representative:
Institute Standards RepresentativeMr. Stephen Movley Hon. F.I.P.A.

Council Committees

The Institute Council has the following Committees:
Education Committee Marketing Committee IPA Foundation Committee
Mr. Tim Peach NIPA (Chairman)Mr. Andrew Okines (Chairman)Mr. Derek Harris FIPA (Chairman)
Institute CouncillorsMrs. Petra Wouters-Stienen (The Plumbing Hub, e-newsletters, website and social media)Mr. Stephen Movley Hon.FIPA (Publications)
Institute Councillors

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage the plumbing profession to safeguard and protect the health of the community and the environment.

To achieve this mission The Institute of Plumbing Australia Inc through its national and international membership aims to promote and encourage:

  • Professionalism
  • The exchange of information, ideas and technology
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Best practice
  • Innovation
  • Goodwill within the plumbing fraternity

Council meetings

The Institute Council meets by teleconference throughout the year and has a current policy to meet face to face at least once each year.

The Secretary and Councillors communicate by e-mail on matters requiring input between meetings.

Council business

  • Support a need for instructional design and installation handbooks to compliment minimum plumbing standards
  • Need for research to support plumbing standards and codes
  • Assistance to necessitous students and others through the IPA Foundation
  • Plumbing standards, installation practices and regulations – the need for a consistent approach across all states and territories.
  • Training package resources
  • Independent assessment of competencies prior to Licensing.
  • Higher education for plumbers – A plumbing engineer.